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That little girl



Sometimes it feels like there are pieces of me everywhere

Pieces which just don’t fit together

At these moments I go back to when I was a little girl

A little girl with a laugh bigger than herself

Who smiled to the world and had no idea

of all the things that would come on her way

She was curious but patient

Conscious but ignorant

Loving and smiling

Dancing and singing

Whispering and screaming

But always being herself


I loved to walk in the wood just by myself

Just me and all the trees surrounding me

Enjoy, that was what they told me

Keep enjoying, smiling and loving

And that wasn’t hard for me at all


When I look at that little girl, yet so conscious but ignorant

It may take a little effort but I still recognize me

Did I change?

Or did I just lose myself for a little while

and had to find me back?


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